United Kingdom

What Is the Cost of Living in the UK?    


London Bridge and the Shard tower during a twilight sunset in London. The colors are yellow and warm, and the skyline shows the city lights on.

Many people love to visit the UK, and many relocate there permanently, although this has little to do with the cost of living in the UK. The quality of life in the UK, however, is quite high and the benefits ranging from tax credits to a growing economy make it a popular choice. Immigration figures… Read More >>

Best Surf Spots In The UK

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a surfer riding a wave in Boscombe, one of the best surf spots in the UK.

When the best surf spots in the UK are mentioned, most people probably think of the Cornwall area first. Newquay’s two-mile-long Watergate Bay is ideal for beginners, while Sennen Cove, with its more consistent breaks due to the cove’s exposure, will suit those with more experience. And while the strong winds of St Ives’ Porthmeor… Read More >>

How to Live and Work in London


This was the city of my past, the city of my youth. There may not be another place in all the world as culturally rich and historically vibrant as glorious, unparalleled London. London, with its ancient castles and stone facades set atop and amidst Starbucks, H&Ms and posh clubs; London, with monuments, parks and bridges… Read More >>