A Visit To Bergamo, Of My Heart

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At first glance,  a visit to Bergamo might not seem like much, just another out-of the-way Italian town belching a near endless stream of Milan or Venice-bound tourists through the doors of its budget airport. Cold, concrete and unattractive, the first impression it offers visitors is a far cry from the classic Roman-era image travelers… Read More >>

Romantic Couples Holiday Ideas For 2016

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A couple hiking during a sunset during a romantic couples holiday.

Traveling with your partner can be an incredibly rewarding and romantic experience, but it’s not always easy to plan a couples trip that simultaneously suits your timings and budget, and satisfies your individual interests. With loveholiday you can accomplish all three, but we all know there is more to a romantic couples holiday than just booking the right… Read More >>

Bakau, Gambia: An Unlikely Romantic Destination


A romantic beach in Bakau, The Gambia. The vegetation and trees look tropical and lush, the beach deserted save for a few African locals playing in the water.

At first, I must admit, I thought visiting Bakau, Gambia was only for the fool-hardy. Crocodile pools, warring neighbors and inhospitable swamps might seem an unlikely destination for a romantic vacation, but then the township of Bakau in The Gambia is an unusual place. It sits at the mouth of the Gambia River, where the… Read More >>

Why River Cruises Are The Most Romantic Way To Travel


I didn’t really fully appreciate the romantic aspect of travel until my first river cruise down the Nile eight years ago. Inspired partly by my love of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels, one of which set on a Nile river cruise, I embarked with my girlfriend on what would be one of my most romantic travel… Read More >>

Visiting Mauritius: A Romance In The Indian Ocean


Visiting Mauritius's beautiful coastline and beaches at sunset. The water is golden in the twilight and the palm trees and hills shadowy.

Visiting Mauritius is an unparalleled adventure in romance for lovers and honeymooners. It’s one of those places you’ll keep immortalized in picture albums, a place that’s flirted with the prose of many famous writers. Flipping through travel magazines back home, couples are quick to opt for deals on nearby island destinations. But the stifling smell of advertising and promotions… Read More >>

Why You Should Take Advantage of Dating Apps While You Travel

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A fit man wearing short jeans and relaxing on a beach while texting using dating apps.

Dating is hard. Even when you have roots in one city, it can be nearly impossible to establish a healthy relationship with a person who interests you. So, when you are a traveler by trade, hopping internationally from one continent to another, it seems like a herculean task to even find someone worthwhile and initiate… Read More >>

5 Best Cities in Thailand to Find Decent Women


Picture of a beautiful Thai university girl posing against drapes on her bed; cover photo of the article "best cities in Thailand to find decent women."

Clear, sunny days, palms with lazy sway, wind-swept ocean spray–what more could somebody want in Thailand’s idyllic settings? A good woman, of course! Thankfully, you won’t have to go looking too far. The sunny kingdom is packed full of romantic promise, and these are the best cities in Thailand to find good women.  I recently interviewed… Read More >>