Returning Home

Going Back Home From My Travels


Tomorrow, I’m going back home from my travels. I’m headed back to Byblos, Lebanon. I don’t know if I told you, but it’s my father’s home, which I consider home too. Going there means seeing a lot of him and a lot of the Mediterranean, both of which make me ecstatic! Byblos, known as J’bail… Read More >>

The Culture Shock of Returning Home


A sad-looking girl looking through a bus window. She looks glum, and is visibly suffering from the culture shock of returning home.

You’ve trekked the great mountains and valleys of Nepal. You’ve lost yourself in the fairytale streets of Prague. You’ve stayed in a small cabana on a dreamy beach in Thailand, couch-surfed Eastern Europe, and house-sat in Peru. Along the way you’ve made many friends from near and far, friends from all walks and talks of… Read More >>