Quitting Your Job

You Owe It To You.


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So, I’m sitting at the airport coffee shop and I’m browsing travel blogs. Most of them have a common vein. Something about someone quitting a job, which they hated, and now they’re traveling the world. Judging by their bios, you’d think the rest of the world were slaving away in shackles somewhere in a hard labor camp in… Read More >>

6 Fun Cruise Ship Jobs (That Help You Travel For Free)


Picture of passengers on a cruise ship jumping in a pool. A large crowd of beautiful people stand around the pool, cheering.

If the thought of lounging on a deckchair, being served in choice restaurants, and enjoying all the perks of a luxury cruise is enticing, why not visit exotic ports aboard a ship at no cost to you? There are tons of fun cruise ship jobs that allow you to travel the world for cheap. If… Read More >>

3 Reasons to Skip the Job Search


Businessman gazing at a distant city skyline during a sunset. He seems to pondering the reasons to skip the job search.

Go online and look for articles and blogs that offer advice about job hunting and you’ll see something extremely interesting. What is it? You will find that all of the employment experts are pushing people towards a very specific path, and it most certainly isn’t the path towards adventure, excitement, or even job satisfaction. I’m… Read More >>

Leaving Your Job to Travel in 5 Realistic Steps


Sunning sexy woman's feet on the beach in Thailand; cover image of the article "Leaving your job to travel".

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on the topic of quitting a job ever since I quit my own to travel some eight months ago. I’ve thankfully been very busy photographing and sharing experiences about my adventures as a result of the leap of faith I took. It was a scary moment at… Read More >>

How To Get A Job Abroad In 5 Easy Steps


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I’ve run across many expats trying to figure out how to get a job abroad and going about it inefficiently, so I really wanted to share what worked for me so far. At least you’ll have another perspective; one I hope will be helpful in your search for a job overseas. Whenever we look for… Read More >>

When I Quit My Job and My Heart Went Pitter-Patter


Late last week I quit my job to travel the world, I couldn’t believe it. Sixteen years of my life gone by, sixteen years of hard work, and finally, after a hard climb up a mountain whose tip seemed to touch the stars—when I was finally offered the office of CEO somewhere—I abruptly quit my… Read More >>

6 Ways to Avoid Living to Work


In 1949 a little known career counselor named William J. Reilly wrote a book called “How to Avoid Work“. While some might think that Mr. Reilly was a few generations ahead of what would become the “slacker generation”, he was far from advocating living with one’s parents, avoiding any actual occupation or avocation, and generally… Read More >>

10 Reasons to Leave your Job Today (and Get Traveling!)

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Every time I held a job–any job–I came up with more reasons to leave it than to stay. Call it irresponsible, call it selfish, call it anything you want. I mean, if I didn’t quit my job, I’d obviously have to draw a long career path, and I just didn’t see that happening. I’d have… Read More >>