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Quick Escape: Unique Destinations to Explore


People who are often busy with their career and other responsibilities often turn to traveling as a quick escape. Traveling entails gathering as much information about the country or city to visit, packing the travel essentials, exploring places, and relaxing a bit. But there is more to it than just that. Why do People Travel?… Read More >>

How To Deal With Negative People While Traveling


a depressed traveler behind a window, pondering how to deal with negative people while traveling.

I’ve seen it throughout my travels. I’ve experienced it everywhere on the road. The longer I’ve stayed in one place, the more noticeable it has become. Negativity abounds in every city or country I’ve visited. It can be incredibly hard to deal with negative people while traveling, and I’ve seen many give up and go… Read More >>

Top Destinations on a Budget


Two backpackers staring at the departures screen in Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

There is hardly a person out there who does not dream about traveling the world. Unfortunately, a lot of people get dissuaded by the misconception that traveling to distant places must cost an arm and a leg, even though that’s demonstrably untrue. You can find seasonal discounts in some countries, and some of the most… Read More >>

My Favorite Rewards Credit Cards

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A photo of my laptop and three of my favorite rewards credit cards sitting on the keyboard.

Free money, peace of mind, flexibility. That’s the promise of  rewards credit cards. From the office worker down the street to the globe-trotting business owner, my favorite rewards credit cards are a glove that fits all. I run all of my business transactions on credit cards and the amount of points I rack up exceed $1,000 per month…. Read More >>

Can I Live In Thailand On A Tourist Visa?


Thai tourist visa stamp in a passport.

Many expats in Thailand fear the ever-changing tourist visa rules and the narrowing corridor of long-term stay in the kingdom. I’ll firstly say that this article is mostly an opinion piece, but it is also based on my experience and those of close friends who have had similar experiences. I have lived here for nearly two… Read More >>

Top Things To Do in New York On A Budget

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The busy streets around Times Square in the early evening. The streets are full of pedestrians and the iconic New York yellow cabs.

There’s no denying that New York is a great place to splash the cash. With more billionaires than any other city, and high end shops adorning many of its grand boulevards, it may seem difficult to enjoy a budget break in the Big Apple. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth. New York is… Read More >>

Why Don’t US Banks Like American Expats?


Traveling abroad is an unparalleled experienced, but if you choose to live abroad long-term it’s best you know US banks don’t like American expats. They fear the repercussions of dealing with customers who remain abroad long-term as it exposes them to many unknowns and the prospect of terrorism financing. I can’t emphasize how laws like the… Read More >>

Delicious Madrid: Best Places to Eat


The crowded San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain. Plenty of people are shopping and eating.

The city of Madrid–Spain’s culturally rich central capital–offers a dizzying range of culinary delights. From delicious street food to traditional fine dining, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Though it would be impossible to fully cover Madrid’s range of eateries, I wanted to share a guide to the dining highlights of this Spanish… Read More >>

Awesome Workshops to Try in Vietnam


Students in a cooking class and workshop during a vacation in Vietnam. They are all wearing red aprons and holding their finished dishes up.

To be honest – few of us would consider putting a class or workshop on our to-do list during a holiday. But… travel is an exercise in life-learning and learning a few new things on the road is never superfluous. Classes and workshops provide us with unique opportunities to learn from the real experts: the… Read More >>