Career-Break And Traveling In His 40s: An Interview With Andy

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How does one take a career break in their 40s and choose to travel the world and work online? Is it foolish to be taking such a risk during an advanced stage in your career? That’s where Andy comes in. He quit a very lucrative job to pursue the freedoms that seem to be ever-disappearing as… Read More >>

An Expat Female Living in Vietnam: Zoe’s Story


A portrait of Zoe Osborne, also known as Sketchpacker, an expat female living in Vietnam.

I was fortunate to have met and interviewed Zoe–the 20-year old girl known as the Sketchpacker–last year in Vietnam. We’d met at a famous coffee house and she shared her dreams and fears of traveling solo with very little money. A year later, I decided to check in with Zoe to learn more about her… Read More >>

Living in Jeddah: Interview with an Expat


Beautiful evening picture of the beach and city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Expats living in Jeddah's corniche area will enjoy this coastal setting.

I recently corresponded with a new expat English teacher who recently made Jeddah her home. After having taught English for a while in her native England, she decided to take her skills to a more exotic place. The experience of living in Jeddah is far more liberal, which is why Yasmina chose it over other… Read More >>

Interview with an Expat Female Living in Saudi Arabia


A picture of a veiled expat female living in Saudi Arabia in a car with a young Saudi student.

A while back, an expat female living in Saudi Arabia reached out to me and shared her recent experiences there. At the time, Carolina Silva had just moved to the desert kingdom from her home in Brazil, where she’d been teaching English as a Second Language. When I asked her how life was like as… Read More >>

Sketchpacker: A 20-year Old Backpacker Sketching Her Way Through Asia


A self shot of Sketchpacker Zoe Osborne

If you ever walk into one of Ho Chi Minh City’s many streetside cafés and see a girl sketching a face or a place, you may just have run across the Sketchpacker! She’s garnered a name for herself in the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, sketching and painting henna, all the while surviving on… Read More >>

How To Fund Your Travels By Working 5 Months A Year


Phillie and Carmi above Nong Khiaw, Laos. They are the interviewees of the "How to Fund Your Travels" article.

Phillie and Carmi are a Kiwi-American married couple who makes international travel and working abroad a part of their year-round lifestyle. Winters are spent exploring Southeast Asia or visiting Phillie’s native New Zealand, while summers are spent working at a remote wilderness camp in the middle of a forest in Maine. I was interested to… Read More >>

Road Junky Retreat: Interview with founder Tom Thumb


Road Junky's founder Tom Thumb playing a guitar in the desert

If you want to survive as a long-term traveller, there are three things you need to have according to Road Junky: curiosity, creativity, and the ability reinvent yourself with each change of scenery. When he first started to explore the world over 19 years ago, Road Junky’s Tom Thumb was just a teenager. While he… Read More >>