My Expat Life: Five Years And Counting

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Rashad Pharaon looking at a sunset from a boat on the ocean.

It’s been five years. Five long years since I’ve expatriated abroad and traveled and worked abroad. My expat life took me from the Middle East to Asia; from Saudi Arabia to Thailand. It’s hard to believe how time flies when you’re traveling, when you’re working on your own, when you’re living a very different kind… Read More >>

Getting a Fresh Start Abroad: Tips & Advice

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Picture of glasses looking out onto a new city skyline at night. It is focused through the lenses of the glasses, which are resting on a ledge, and which signify getting a fresh start abroad.

From the streets of Bangkok to the beaches of Buenos Aires, they walk with laptops in hand and purpose on their faces. They are young, they are old. They’re the ones whom many back home consider bold. Some have moved overseas for a break, others are looking for work. But the intention of most is clear: getting a fresh start abroad…. Read More >>

6 Fun Cruise Ship Jobs (That Help You Travel For Free)


Picture of passengers on a cruise ship jumping in a pool. A large crowd of beautiful people stand around the pool, cheering.

If the thought of lounging on a deckchair, being served in choice restaurants, and enjoying all the perks of a luxury cruise is enticing, why not visit exotic ports aboard a ship at no cost to you? There are tons of fun cruise ship jobs that allow you to travel the world for cheap. If… Read More >>

Living in Riyadh for Foreigners: Pros & Cons


A very dusty skyline of the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The buildings are yellowed and old and the place looks a little disorganized and busy. The landscape beyond is very flat.

Living in Riyadh taught me tolerance. It is a city of good and bad. It taught me to appreciate the freedom we take for granted elsewhere and to better my ambitions and talents. Saudi Arabia’s other cities may offer more diverse sceneries–but Riyadh city itself is flat as can be. Back in 1902, this was where Ibn Saud… Read More >>

Living in Jeddah: Interview with an Expat


Beautiful evening picture of the beach and city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Expats living in Jeddah's corniche area will enjoy this coastal setting.

I recently corresponded with a new expat English teacher who recently made Jeddah her home. After having taught English for a while in her native England, she decided to take her skills to a more exotic place. The experience of living in Jeddah is far more liberal, which is why Yasmina chose it over other… Read More >>

Interview with an Expat Female Living in Saudi Arabia


A picture of a veiled expat female living in Saudi Arabia in a car with a young Saudi student.

A while back, an expat female living in Saudi Arabia reached out to me and shared her recent experiences there. At the time, Carolina Silva had just moved to the desert kingdom from her home in Brazil, where she’d been teaching English as a Second Language. When I asked her how life was like as… Read More >>

KSA Expat Survival: How to Prepare for Life in Saudi Arabia


Silhouette of minarets of Nabawi mosqued during a sunset in Medina, Saudi Arabia. One beautiful reason to prepare for life in Saudi Arabia.

When I first launched Banker in the Sun, I intended it to be a “memoir” of my travels after leaving my banking career. I then wrote one post covering Saudi Arabia, which brought up numerous questions from readers, and follow-up posts. The questions centered specifically on how to prepare for life in Saudi Arabia. My… Read More >>

Top 5 Best Cities in Saudi Arabia for Expats


A silhouette of the kingdom tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The sky is at twilight dusk and a few buildings are silhouetted in the background.

There are many reasons why an expat would want to move to Saudi Arabia, the most notable being the ability to earn a very high, untaxed income. There are very few countries in the world that pay the awesome salaries that can be found in the desert kingdom. One of the reasons why they pay… Read More >>

Expat Living in Saudi Arabia: Is It For You?


Portrait of a boy with the flag of Saudi Arabia painted on his face

Since I used to live in Saudi Arabia, I’ve received numerous emails asking me what it’s like being an expat living in Saudi Arabia. I recently wrote a cost of living analysis and touched on the positive points of living in Saudi Arabia for work. However, some of the emails asked me for a more… Read More >>