The Best of Dubai 2016

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A beautiful panoramic skyline of Dubai during the day.

Dubai is renowned for its luxury shopping, vibrant nightlife, and innovative architecture and business culture. Whether you’re traveling to this holiday oasis on business or treating yourself to a leisurely well-earned break, there is no shortage of things to do, restaurants to check out, and upscale hotels to stay at. The fascinating balance between rich… Read More >>

6 Steps To Get A Banking Job in The UAE


A panoramic foggy skyline of Dubai in the UAE. Plenty of skyscrapers rise out of the fog, many of them bank buildings. The Burj Khalifa can also be seen rising up from the carpet of fog.

In niche sectors in the UAE, like banking, there are more candidates looking for work than there are job openings. This means that doing your homework is the key to get a banking job in the UAE. Those ill-prepared, or those simply blasting CVs out, will soon find getting a banking job in the Emirates becomes as elusive… Read More >>

How To Find A Job In Dubai Without Any Prior Experience


A picture of the Dubai skyline at night, with the sea in the foreground. Lead picture on "How to find a job in Dubai".

Life after college heralds the start of a new phase–finding a career. However, in this competitive job market, finding a job in Dubai is not an easy task, particularly if you are a freshman. With a focus on cost-cutting, several companies nowadays have started reducing entry-level jobs for fresh graduates, while demanding more responsibilities from… Read More >>

What Is The Cost Of Living In Dubai?


The numerous highrises pictured hint at the high cost of living in Dubai. The Dubai, UAE, marina in the foreground

Being so close to countries like Saudi Arabia, many initially mistake Dubai as a sister city to the likes of Riyadh–which couldn’t be further from the truth. Whereas Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh is highly conservative and prohibits alcohol, Dubai is quite liberal in comparison, with plenty of nightclubs and beaches. The cost of living… Read More >>