A Visit To Beirut, Lebanon in Pictures


A beautiful avenue of downtown Beirut, Lebanon. Flowers i the foreground and a cafe and long street in the background.

I used to dislike Beirut, Lebanon. What I remember of it as a boy was a bombed-out, bullet-riddled city brimming with sectarian trouble. Back then, pictures of Beirut hardly appealed to me, so I only visited the city with my family to attend engagements or weddings. I remember it as a city in ruins. Remnants… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in Lebanon?


Crowded traffic in Beirut.

Arabic countries in general are quite affordable, but the cost of living in Lebanon seems to totally trump the idea. The country is bordered by countries at war, such as Syria, Palestine, and Israel, so you would think the price of goods would decline. After all, tourism isn’t booming, but the changing face of Lebanon… Read More >>