The Changing Face of Thailand


Profile of a pretty Thai woman in front of a defocused panorama of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Cheap food is still plentiful, as is cheap housing, but the changing face of Thailand is fast become apparent. Five years ago, before traveling to Thailand for the first time, I’d read blogs which touted the kingdom’s low cost of living and welcoming people. Although both haven’t changed too much, one thing definitely has: wealth in Thailand…. Read More >>

5 Best Dating Apps in Thailand


A beautiful Thai university girl taking a selfie with her cell phone.

You’ve taken the leap, you’ve traveled across land and sea to get to Thailand, but now that you’re here you’re feeling a little lonely. You feel the ladies and gents of Thailand want to meet you, but they’re too shy. You may be shy too; after all, you’re in a foreign culture where love and romance… Read More >>

Cost Of Transportation In Thailand: Buses, Planes & Trains

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Cheap train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The Thailand scenery and landscape outside the train looks beautiful and green. A few rice fields and houses can be seen.

If you’re about to embark on a trip to Thailand and are in the dark about what transportation is like there, you’ll be pleased to know the cost of transportation in Thailand isn’t only cheap, but quite comfortable. Unlike neighboring Myanmar, with its antiquated buses and roads, Thailand is a highly-developed tourism hub. You’ll find plenty… Read More >>

Going Back Home From My Travels


Tomorrow, I’m going back home from my travels. I’m headed back to Byblos, Lebanon. I don’t know if I told you, but it’s my father’s home, which I consider home too. Going there means seeing a lot of him and a lot of the Mediterranean, both of which make me ecstatic! Byblos, known as J’bail… Read More >>

My First Impressions of Bangkok


One of my first impressions of Bangkok: The impressive BTS Skytrain and its station, pictured here at night.

Much of what I’ve read about Bangkok truly mirrors my first impressions of the city. Smell and sound merge into an indistinct flavor to which only Bangkok holds the secret. My first impressions of Bangkok were of diesel fumes, street-side grills, and a cityscape full of tall buildings and well-organized highways. Yet, throughout, you notice… Read More >>

Should You Move to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City?


A side by side comparison of the skylines of Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ever since I left Vietnam for Thailand, I’ve really been looking forward to writing a post comparing a move to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. I wanted to compare the way of life, cost of living, and overall friendliness towards expats. Since I’ve finally arrived in Bangkok, I’ve gathered enough information to pull the… Read More >>