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A Little Update On Life in Chiang Mai

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I used to have so much time to blog back during my first year in Chiang Mai, but lately time seems to have become so scarce. The last couple of months, especially, have been hectic. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in my days. What’s been keeping me so busy? Well, I’ve been working on my… Read More >>

Burning Season In Chiang Mai: Sickness & Pollution


The burning season in Chiang Mai affecting this city skyline. The haze is very heavy and you cannot see past several hundred feet.

My blogging has really slowed down as of late because of the burning season in Chiang Mai. I recently returned from Lebanon and felt perfectly fine, but as soon as I arrived in Chiang Mai, the intense pollution caused by farmers burning their crops got to me. Since Chiang Mai is surrounded by several large… Read More >>

Cannes, France: You’re Nothing Like The Girl I Knew


Cannes, France and the French Riviera: beautiful woman city on the railing of a villa overlooking Cannes.

You’re not the same anymore. I remember you when I was a boy, the first time I saw you was at the age of four. Although I barely remember your face back then, the later years shed more light on your smile. You were once beautiful. I loved living in Cannes. You stole my summers,… Read More >>

Visiting Cholon Through The Lens Of A Lover


Visiting Cholon in the Chinatown district of Ho Chi Minh City reminds me of the love story which brought me to Vietnam in the first place. There exists a hotel called Arc-En-Ciel which still stands near the Binh Tay market in Cholon. The hotel is over fifty years old and boasts several restaurants, one of… Read More >>

Railay Beach Ruled My Heart


The journey was long. It took twelve hours and three bus stops to reach the Surat Thani hub from Bangkok.  The goal was to visit Railay Beach near Ao Nang. It was night outside when I left Bangkok. The bus was barely lit; the lights kept going on and off. The journey was everything strange…. Read More >>

Why I Traveled to Uzbekistan


Panorama of Bukhara's old town, Republic of Uzbekistan

There is no doubt that most people shook their heads when I said I was traveling to Uzbekistan. As a very environmentally-conscious person, most people “in the know” wondered why I would want to travel to a place that had literally destroyed the Aral Sea. They worried about my safety in a country so corrupt… Read More >>

Bewitch Me in Savannah, Georgia


It’s been called the “Most Haunted City in America,” and with a history dating back to 1733, there is no denying there’s something special–something mystical, even–about the little Southern gem that is Savannah, Georgia. It was a long time ago that an uncle invited me there–I was but a young boy back then–and my recent… Read More >>

Indulge your Wanderlust and Travel to Vietnam


Travel to Vietnam's Halong Bay, a beautiful emerld green water bay surrounded by tall limestone islets covered with thick, green vegetation.

A lot of people include places like the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace as must-see sites on their travel bucket list–but rarely do I hear about Vietnam. When you join a tour group and follow the crowds, scoring some killer photos for your Instagram stream is your top priority. But what if you’re interested in… Read More >>