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How To Get A Thai Elite Visa: Tips & Advice


Thai Elite visa stamp in an American passport.

So you’ve taken the leap and decided not just to travel to Thailand, but to live there too. You are under fifty and are just looking for a long-term tourist option. You just want to be able to enjoy Thailand’s slower pace of life and stunning sceneries. How then do you go about staying long-term in the kingdom with… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living WELL in Chiang Mai


A defocused photo of Chiang Mai's colorful streets at dusk.

It’s hard for me to believe I’m fast approaching my third year in Chiang Mai. What’s crazy is I just can’t get enough of it. With every passing day, I’m loving it more and more. I was just telling my best friend yesterday how I can’t see myself moving away. There’s something for everyone in… Read More >>

Planning For Life in Thailand: Tips & Advice


Birds-eye view of Thai women walking down a street in Bangkok.

The prospect of life in Thailand may seem quite mysterious at first. You’ll surely have tons of questions about long-term living there. Things such as how to make money, where to live, and what kind of social scene there is are all valid questions would-be expats ask themselves when planning for life in Thailand. I’ll try to answer the most… Read More >>

My Expat Life: Five Years And Counting

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Rashad Pharaon looking at a sunset from a boat on the ocean.

It’s been five years. Five long years since I’ve expatriated abroad and traveled and worked abroad. My expat life took me from the Middle East to Asia; from Saudi Arabia to Thailand. It’s hard to believe how time flies when you’re traveling, when you’re working on your own, when you’re living a very different kind… Read More >>

Moving To Thailand: Tips & Advice


A defocused photo of Thai people walking in the very busy streets of Bangkok in Thailand.

Much has changed in Thailand since I last visited in 2010. Back then, it felt different–I guess it just felt more simple. Much of that simplicity can still be found in many mid-to-smaller cities, but western-style consumerism is rapidly encroaching on the larger cities. Don’t get me wrong, if a friend was contemplating moving to Thailand,… Read More >>

Living in Surat: India’s Diamond in the Rough

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A panoramic photo of Surat, India. Rachna Circle in the foreground, and the old, dusty city in the background. Streets are congested with motorcycle traffic.

The Western port town of Surat is one of India’s lesser-known travel destinations, making it the ideal choice for savvy adventurers looking for an authentic Indian experience away from hordes of tourists. And for those wanting to revert to an old-world charm for a while, living in Surat is not one to disappoint. Surat served… Read More >>

How to Buy a House in Saudi Arabia


A house under construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Very few places in the world resemble Saudi Arabia’s housing market; even fewer resemble its mortgage market. Saudi Arabia is quite possibly the country with the lowest mortgage penetration worldwide. Mortgage laws have only recently been passed, and these are heavily governed by strict Islamic shariah law. This only goes to complicate the procedure for… Read More >>

5 Ways To Finance Your Long-Term Travel Plans


A plane wing over a panoramic city sunset

Traveling over land and sea and losing yourself in misty mountains or romantic beaches and setting up camp in a place where few speak your language–isn’t that the stuff of dreams? Do you really have to save up thousands of dollars to live the adventurous life you see on TV or read about on travel… Read More >>