What is the Cost of Living WELL in Chiang Mai

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A defocused photo of Chiang Mai's colorful streets at dusk.

It’s hard for me to believe I’m fast approaching my third year in Chiang Mai. What’s crazy is I just can’t get enough of it. With every passing day, I’m loving it more and more. I was just telling my best friend yesterday how I can’t see myself moving away. There’s something for everyone in… Read More >>

How To Deal With Negative People While Traveling


a depressed traveler behind a window, pondering how to deal with negative people while traveling.

I’ve seen it throughout my travels. I’ve experienced it everywhere on the road. The longer I’ve stayed in one place, the more noticeable it has become. Negativity abounds in every city or country I’ve visited. It can be incredibly hard to deal with negative people while traveling, and I’ve seen many give up and go… Read More >>

Motivation and The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


A young backpacker suffering from lack of motivation and the digital nomad lifestyle blues.

Beautiful as the experience of traveling abroad while working online can be, remaining motivated may be a serious challenge. When you’re forced to report to a boss at an office, you are forcefully motivated by a system of checks and balances. Every action you take has an immediate reaction. If you are late too many times, your boss fires you,… Read More >>

7 Things I Love About Chiang Mai

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Thaphae Gate walking street at dusk, one of the things I love about Chiang Mai.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since I’ve moved to Chiang Mai. Most people told me the magic of that first moment when I stepped off the plane would eventually fade, but it never has. There are so many things I love about Chiang Mai, I could write an endless list, but… Read More >>

My Visit to Kenya, Africa: Jambo & Goodbye

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Slums of Kibera during my visit to Kenya, Africa.

I remember the safari during my visit to Kenya, Africa. I remember the raw land;  a wild countryside where long, oval masks painted in tribal colors hung on the village and lodge walls; where wooden elephant heads stared at me from the nooks of shops and restaurants; where the sense of unbridled wilderness pervaded the… Read More >>

Career-Break And Traveling In His 40s: An Interview With Andy

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How does one take a career break in their 40s and choose to travel the world and work online? Is it foolish to be taking such a risk during an advanced stage in your career? That’s where Andy comes in. He quit a very lucrative job to pursue the freedoms that seem to be ever-disappearing as… Read More >>

5 Unique Places To Spend Christmas

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A Thai beach with a Santa hat on the beach and "Merry Christmas" scribbled in the sand.

Sometimes, we just need to have something new in our lives. Old, familiar places may become boring or redundant, and we just want to get away. That’s a totally normal feeling, and I’d like to suggest 5 unique places to spend Christmas. These five destinations are varied and different, yet will all the while infuse your Christmas with a… Read More >>

3 Reasons to Visit Kefalonia

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Panoramic scenery of Kefalonia Island in Greece. Several islets can be seen in the distance of the ocean.

If you’ve seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you’ll no doubt have wished you were on a plane to the beautiful Greek island that it’s set on – Kefalonia. Whether you’re doing it on the cheap in a budget hotel or getting a group of friends together in a rented out villa, Kefalonia has a pretty mesmerising effect on… Read More >>

Yachting The Mediterranean With A Pen And Dream


Last night my phone rang. It was my aunt from Cyprus, she’d heard I’d come. I’d finally made it to idyllic Byblos–where my father lives–a place where I can get away from things and introspect. I always loved spending time with this aunt as a child, and she wanted to hear about my travels. She ended… Read More >>