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English Teaching Jobs in Qatar: Career & Pay


What would it be like living in a foreign country, exploring a new culture, and also getting paid for it? Sounds like your all-time dream? For English teachers that dream is well within reach. English teaching jobs in Qatar and the rest of the GCC have opened up significant financial opportunities, rivaling salaries of engineers… Read More >>

Business Etiquette in Saudi Arabia: Tips & Advice


A western businessman shaking a Saudi businessman's hand, demonstrationg proper business etiquette in Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state in Western Asia and it takes up most of the Arabian Peninsula. Its central location, tax-free income, and high salaries are some of the reasons that make Saudi Arabia an attractive job destination for expatriates. You will need to be very wary as Saudi Arabia… Read More >>

Moving Overseas for Work: Important Points to Consider


Recruitment consultants at a job fair helping people interested in moving overseas for work.

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve decided to try moving overseas for work. In your head, you’ve already packed up and checked out, you just need to find the right location. Whether you’re moving to the far reaches of the planet or just a couple of borders along, there are many things to… Read More >>

How To Find A Job In Dubai Without Any Prior Experience


A picture of the Dubai skyline at night, with the sea in the foreground. Lead picture on "How to find a job in Dubai".

Life after college heralds the start of a new phase–finding a career. However, in this competitive job market, finding a job in Dubai is not an easy task, particularly if you are a freshman. With a focus on cost-cutting, several companies nowadays have started reducing entry-level jobs for fresh graduates, while demanding more responsibilities from… Read More >>

The Bonfire, Spanking, Witches, Boiled Eggs & Easter

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Holiday Lettings feature image: an Eastern Egg Hunt. Children are dashing forward.

Think Easter and you’re probably imagining chocolate bunnies, fluffy chicks, painted eggs… but in some parts of Europe, found that Easter holidays couldn’t be more different. Here, it’s all about a good spanking, fiery bonfires, trick or treating and sombre penitents. What is the meaning of Easter in various countries? Big bonfires In some… Read More >>

Guest Post: The Last Breath of Christ

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A picture of Bryan studying at Fudan University in China

Would you travel 6,135 miles if you knew you’d find the one thing that would change your life forever? What if it meant finding your personal savior? I think most people would answer those questions with a decided “yes!” When I made the 6,135-mile journey between San Francisco and Shanghai, I didn’t realize I was… Read More >>