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Florida’s Most Beautiful Beaches


Footsteps during twilight on one of Florida's most beautiful beaches.

If there’s one thing you’re not short of in Florida, it’s beaches! Full of energy or tranquil – Florida provides both for the desperately seeking sun lover. This is a pick of some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches to visit while you’re out in the Sunshine State, and don’t forget to bring your towel or flip flops…. Read More >>

Top Things To Do in New York On A Budget

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The busy streets around Times Square in the early evening. The streets are full of pedestrians and the iconic New York yellow cabs.

There’s no denying that New York is a great place to splash the cash. With more billionaires than any other city, and high end shops adorning many of its grand boulevards, it may seem difficult to enjoy a budget break in the Big Apple. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth. New York is… Read More >>

Moving And Living In The USA


A panoramic view of New York City at Night

Ahh, moving and living in the USA, the dream of many—myself included! The US represented everything that was appealing to me. It was not only the land of opportunity, but the land of joie de vivre. I always envisioned it as a place where people enjoyed living in the moment, and not separated by castes… Read More >>

Bewitch Me in Savannah, Georgia


It’s been called the “Most Haunted City in America,” and with a history dating back to 1733, there is no denying there’s something special–something mystical, even–about the little Southern gem that is Savannah, Georgia. It was a long time ago that an uncle invited me there–I was but a young boy back then–and my recent… Read More >>

Escape Big Brother by Moving Abroad


A big eyeball watching you. Theme picture of the post: Escape Big Brother by Moving Abroad

I’ll never forget the feeling of my privacy being invaded without my permission. That is to say, the first time I knew it was happening.  As you may know, it took being held up at gunpoint to make me seriously consider moving abroad. Before that, I had become more and more aware of government invasions… Read More >>

Interview with Traveler’s Trek: Backpacking Across the U.S.


Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson are two 20-something U.S. veterans currently backpacking from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California. Their route takes them across the country, through fields, wooded trails, mountains and desert, on a 2700-mile Veterans Trek. Tom and Anthony are hardcore backpackers, spending most nights camping along the sides of highways, in the… Read More >>