What Is the Cost of Living in Turkey?


Cityscape of Mosque and Golden Horn Metro Bridge In Istanbul, Turkey.

Making your way through a foreign city can be daunting, but if it is Istanbul you should feel quite comfortable asking someone for directions. Why? Unlike many other areas of the world, the culture of Turkey demands that people treat each other courteously. As a friend once told me, “I asked for directions and not… Read More >>

Seven Natural Attractions in Turkey Too Beautiful For Words


Gerze, Tukey's coastline caught as a panoramic shot.

Cotton castles, fairy chimneys and burning, volcanic hillsides… Turkey has some unique geographical locations. Where else would you find a cave-dwelling civilization, towering mineral deposits, and tumbling waterfalls carved from stone? Most visitors rarely take such astonishing detours, but they should. Here are seven natural attractions in Turkey that many overlook on their Turkey holidays,… Read More >>