Going Back Home From My Travels


Tomorrow, I’m going back home from my travels. I’m headed back to Byblos, Lebanon. I don’t know if I told you, but it’s my father’s home, which I consider home too. Going there means seeing a lot of him and a lot of the Mediterranean, both of which make me ecstatic! Byblos, known as J’bail… Read More >>

A Visit To Beirut, Lebanon in Pictures


A beautiful avenue of downtown Beirut, Lebanon. Flowers i the foreground and a cafe and long street in the background.

I used to dislike Beirut, Lebanon. What I remember of it as a boy was a bombed-out, bullet-riddled city brimming with sectarian trouble. Back then, pictures of Beirut hardly appealed to me, so I only visited the city with my family to attend engagements or weddings. I remember it as a city in ruins. Remnants… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in Lebanon?


Crowded traffic in Beirut.

Arabic countries in general are quite affordable, but the cost of living in Lebanon seems to totally trump the idea. The country is bordered by countries at war, such as Syria, Palestine, and Israel, so you would think the price of goods would decline. After all, tourism isn’t booming, but the changing face of Lebanon… Read More >>

My Visit To Byblos, Lebanon in Pictures (part 2)


A beautiful tree-lined alley in Byblos, Lebanon, with a bar to the right.

A visit to Byblos (also known as Jbeil) is like fine wine; one whose pictures are later worth savoring again and again. It isn’t one of those places you can just whizz through. It actually requires concentration to process the mix of colors and people. Being stuck in Saudi Arabia for so long, it was… Read More >>

Byblos, Lebanon: A Walk Back In Time


The citadel of Byblos, Lebanon amidst the lush foliage and surrounding city

Forget that Byblos, Lebanon is the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world. Forget that Byblos lent its name to the English Bible. Forget that it’s women are re-known for their divine beauty, or that it was the birthplace of the Phoenician alphabet. Byblos, Lebanon doesn’t need titles to deliver its gorgeous promise to new eyes…. Read More >>