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7 Common Questions About Saudi Arabia


Huge, white unbrellas at the An Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims walk in the shade underneath.

When many think of Saudi Arabia, they think of sand, of Islam, of women in veils. They think of ultra-conservatism and possible danger. They think of all the stuff they’ve seen on TV, plus all the stuff friends who’ve never been there have fed them. Having lived there a long time, I get asked a… Read More >>

5 Reasons You Should Move To Saudi Arabia


A downtown photo of King Fahd road in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The highway and buildings look quite modern and the KingDom Tower can be seen in the background.

At first, most people would probably laugh at the idea of relocating to an ultra-religious kingdom, but these 5 reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia will give you food for thought. Everything in life has a give and take. I’ve noticed the more a “paradise” a place is considered to be, the higher the cost, somehow. This… Read More >>

7 Common DropShipping Mistakes & Errors

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Common dropshipping mistakes and errors lead to an empty shopping cart, pictured here, in a deserted parking lot.

Dropshopping. The very word evokes mixed emotions wherever you go. Some will tell you it’s a hoax, a multi-level marketing scheme for paid courses on the topic. Others will tell you to try dropshipping and sell your store as quickly as possible once it gets remotely profitable. Others yet will swear by it. They will tell you… Read More >>

An Insight into the Healthcare Sector in Saudi Arabia


Picture of a sunset over a Saudi Arabian city with a man in the foreground pulling a Saudi flag across the photo.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is one of the fastest-growing and largest economies in the Middle East. It goes without say that the country also possesses a perfect blend of tradition, culture, and expat lifestyle choices, which makes it appealing for the adventurous foreigner. It’s a big misconception that Saudi Arabia focuses only on oil. The job… Read More >>

10 Things Banned In Saudi Arabia


Numerous as things banned in Saudi Arabia may be, crucial ones may get overlooked when an expat weighs the pros and cons of living there. Saudi Arabia undoubtedly has strange rules that could make even a local scratch their head, but anything forbidden is usually rooted in Islamic law. I also often hear people criticizing these bans… Read More >>

The Best of Dubai 2016

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A beautiful panoramic skyline of Dubai during the day.

Dubai is renowned for its luxury shopping, vibrant nightlife, and innovative architecture and business culture. Whether you’re traveling to this holiday oasis on business or treating yourself to a leisurely well-earned break, there is no shortage of things to do, restaurants to check out, and upscale hotels to stay at. The fascinating balance between rich… Read More >>

Being Gay In Saudi Arabia: Dos & Don’ts


Closeup of the hands of two gay men holding hands. Black and white photograph with a defocused sea in the background.

After two years of blogging about the kingdom, the question of being gay in Saudi Arabia arose many times from readers and teachers looking to work there. Initially, I was hesitant to write about the topic, as it may get my site banned in the kingdom. However, I ultimately decided to shed light on a topic… Read More >>

What Is the Cost of Living in Turkey?


Cityscape of Mosque and Golden Horn Metro Bridge In Istanbul, Turkey.

Making your way through a foreign city can be daunting, but if it is Istanbul you should feel quite comfortable asking someone for directions. Why? Unlike many other areas of the world, the culture of Turkey demands that people treat each other courteously. As a friend once told me, “I asked for directions and not… Read More >>

7 Best Employers in Saudi Arabia


Defocused cityscape at night of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the King Fahad Road. The slow frame shows blurred car lights as they speed by.

If you possess a high level of education and experience, plenty of job opportunities await you in one of the world’s highest paying expatriate destinations–Saudi Arabia. The seven best employers in Saudi Arabia range from sectors such as tourism, IT, and banking, to healthcare, construction, and telecommunications. The kingdom’s surge in employment is mainly due to large investments… Read More >>

6 Steps To Get A Banking Job in The UAE


A panoramic foggy skyline of Dubai in the UAE. Plenty of skyscrapers rise out of the fog, many of them bank buildings. The Burj Khalifa can also be seen rising up from the carpet of fog.

In niche sectors in the UAE, like banking, there are more candidates looking for work than there are job openings. This means that doing your homework is the key to get a banking job in the UAE. Those ill-prepared, or those simply blasting CVs out, will soon find getting a banking job in the Emirates becomes as elusive… Read More >>