Quick Escape: Unique Destinations to Explore


People who are often busy with their career and other responsibilities often turn to traveling as a quick escape. Traveling entails gathering as much information about the country or city to visit, packing the travel essentials, exploring places, and relaxing a bit. But there is more to it than just that. Why do People Travel?… Read More >>

Cannes, France: You’re Nothing Like The Girl I Knew


Cannes, France and the French Riviera: beautiful woman city on the railing of a villa overlooking Cannes.

You’re not the same anymore. I remember you when I was a boy, the first time I saw you was at the age of four. Although I barely remember your face back then, the later years shed more light on your smile. You were once beautiful. I loved living in Cannes. You stole my summers,… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in France?


The cost of living in France may be high, but well worth the beautiful scenery pictured here of old, romantic buildings in the Monmartre district of Paris.

The crowned winner of world travel, France once again retains the number one spot for international tourism by a significant margin. Despite the high cost of living in France, the country’s rich history and romantic appeal never ceases to draw hordes of tourists every year. One also has to credit the country’s highly regulated and… Read More >>