Quick Escape: Unique Destinations to Explore


People who are often busy with their career and other responsibilities often turn to traveling as a quick escape. Traveling entails gathering as much information about the country or city to visit, packing the travel essentials, exploring places, and relaxing a bit. But there is more to it than just that. Why do People Travel?… Read More >>

A Visit To Bergamo, Of My Heart

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At first glance,  a visit to Bergamo might not seem like much, just another out-of the-way Italian town belching a near endless stream of Milan or Venice-bound tourists through the doors of its budget airport. Cold, concrete and unattractive, the first impression it offers visitors is a far cry from the classic Roman-era image travelers… Read More >>

3 Reasons to Visit Kefalonia

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Panoramic scenery of Kefalonia Island in Greece. Several islets can be seen in the distance of the ocean.

If you’ve seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you’ll no doubt have wished you were on a plane to the beautiful Greek island that it’s set on – Kefalonia. Whether you’re doing it on the cheap in a budget hotel or getting a group of friends together in a rented out villa, Kefalonia has a pretty mesmerising effect on… Read More >>

What Is the Cost of Living in the UK?    


London Bridge and the Shard tower during a twilight sunset in London. The colors are yellow and warm, and the skyline shows the city lights on.

Many people love to visit the UK, and many relocate there permanently, although this has little to do with the cost of living in the UK. The quality of life in the UK, however, is quite high and the benefits ranging from tax credits to a growing economy make it a popular choice. Immigration figures… Read More >>

Yachting The Mediterranean With A Pen And Dream


Last night my phone rang. It was my aunt from Cyprus, she’d heard I’d come. I’d finally made it to idyllic Byblos–where my father lives–a place where I can get away from things and introspect. I always loved spending time with this aunt as a child, and she wanted to hear about my travels. She ended… Read More >>

Cannes, France: You’re Nothing Like The Girl I Knew


Cannes, France and the French Riviera: beautiful woman city on the railing of a villa overlooking Cannes.

You’re not the same anymore. I remember you when I was a boy, the first time I saw you was at the age of four. Although I barely remember your face back then, the later years shed more light on your smile. You were once beautiful. I loved living in Cannes. You stole my summers,… Read More >>

Best Surf Spots In The UK

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a surfer riding a wave in Boscombe, one of the best surf spots in the UK.

When the best surf spots in the UK are mentioned, most people probably think of the Cornwall area first. Newquay’s two-mile-long Watergate Bay is ideal for beginners, while Sennen Cove, with its more consistent breaks due to the cove’s exposure, will suit those with more experience. And while the strong winds of St Ives’ Porthmeor… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in France?


The cost of living in France may be high, but well worth the beautiful scenery pictured here of old, romantic buildings in the Monmartre district of Paris.

The crowned winner of world travel, France once again retains the number one spot for international tourism by a significant margin. Despite the high cost of living in France, the country’s rich history and romantic appeal never ceases to draw hordes of tourists every year. One also has to credit the country’s highly regulated and… Read More >>

How to Live and Work in London


This was the city of my past, the city of my youth. There may not be another place in all the world as culturally rich and historically vibrant as glorious, unparalleled London. London, with its ancient castles and stone facades set atop and amidst Starbucks, H&Ms and posh clubs; London, with monuments, parks and bridges… Read More >>