Eastern Europe

What Is the Cost of Living in Russia?


Snowy winter streets in Novgorod, Russia. Many shops line the street, which looks romantic and wintered.

It may surprise many to know that UN statistics point to Russia as the #2 spot for immigration in the world. It is second only to the US for the number of people relocating permanently to its many cities and towns, for a lot of different reasons. The country’s economy has been rising and falling… Read More >>

Getting Dark and Dirty in Moscow

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It’s not surprising that Moscow’s nightlife puts New York’s to shame. After all, this is a city that prides itself on being the biggest and the best in everything it attempts – it has more billionaires than any other city in the world, it’s larger than any of its rival European capitals, and it’s the… Read More >>

Unlock the Secrets of Sofia


Ranked as one of the most affordable up-and-coming European cities of 2013, Sofia is enjoying yet another renaissance in its nearly 2500-year history. The capital of Bulgaria is located east of Kosovo and southwest of Bucharest, making it a bit off the beaten path for the typical Western European traveler. However, like most EU cities,… Read More >>

Kiss me in Kiev


Like a giant outdoor fashion runway lined with leafy-green trees and epic architecture, Kiev is the unexpected toast of Eastern Europe. Forget Paris – Kiev is the true city of romance, with its dancing fountains, squeaky-clean subway system, and over fifteen centuries of rich, inviting history. The fabled fairy tale destination of countless Russian novels… Read More >>

Un-break your Heart in Bucharest


One of the most exciting, challenging and ultimately fulfilling parts of international travel has nothing to do with miles logged or stamps on your passport. Nothing opens the mind and heart like waking up in an alien universe filled with wonderful creatures speaking an undecipherable language, and wandering around a city that’s nothing like what… Read More >>

How to Fall in Love in Prague


The only thing that makes a city more romantic than walkability is that unshakeable feeling that you’ve stepped into another time and place. Both of these factors juxtaposed against the backdrop of a growing tourism industry make Prague the perfect choice for lovers and lovers-to-be. If you don’t arrive in the city with your significant… Read More >>