7 Top Ways To Blow Money in Southeast Asia


No matter how much inflation hurts prices in Southeast Asia, the area steadfastly remains one of the cheapest expat destinations in the world. Even as rents in larger cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City swell, those in neighboring towns–even nearby neighborhood–remain affordable. You’ll always find ways to save money, but you’ll also find an… Read More >>

Awesome Workshops to Try in Vietnam


Students in a cooking class and workshop during a vacation in Vietnam. They are all wearing red aprons and holding their finished dishes up.

To be honest – few of us would consider putting a class or workshop on our to-do list during a holiday. But… travel is an exercise in life-learning and learning a few new things on the road is never superfluous. Classes and workshops provide us with unique opportunities to learn from the real experts: the… Read More >>

Why River Cruises Are The Most Romantic Way To Travel


I didn’t really fully appreciate the romantic aspect of travel until my first river cruise down the Nile eight years ago. Inspired partly by my love of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels, one of which set on a Nile river cruise, I embarked with my girlfriend on what would be one of my most romantic travel… Read More >>

An Expat Female Living in Vietnam: Zoe’s Story


A portrait of Zoe Osborne, also known as Sketchpacker, an expat female living in Vietnam.

I was fortunate to have met and interviewed Zoe–the 20-year old girl known as the Sketchpacker–last year in Vietnam. We’d met at a famous coffee house and she shared her dreams and fears of traveling solo with very little money. A year later, I decided to check in with Zoe to learn more about her… Read More >>

My Top Cheap Accommodations in Southeast Asia — Part 1


A picture of Tay Ho hotel room in Can Tho, Vietnam, with writing desk and chair; one of the top cheap accommodations in southeast asia.

I’ve been on the road for nearly a year now, focusing mostly on traveling through the Middle East and Asia. It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been away from home for so long. I honestly never thought I’d do it, but alas tragic experiences change us. But what with all the excitement of travel,… Read More >>

Sa Dec Videos: Vietnamese Life in the Mekong

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Clip picture from one of the Sa Dec videos showing the hard Vietnamese life in the Mekong streets. The sidewalks are dirty and unkept.

Every country I’ve visited has held some sort of fascination in my mind, something hinging on a specific memory. For Vietnam, it will always be Vietnamese life in the Mekong. It was an experience like none other. I’ve been asked why that particular area of the world matters so much to me. The answer is… Read More >>

A Mekong Memory: Can Tho To Sa Dec In Video


Still shot of a colorful Mekong sunset extracted from one of the Mekong videos.

Now that I’ve slowed down my traveling some and settled in for a good month or two of book editing, I think back of the Mekong and feel a tinge of sadness. I loved my time in Vietnam; and I’d captured towns between Can Tho and Sa Dec in Mekong videos, yet never shared them…. Read More >>

Sketchpacker: A 20-year Old Backpacker Sketching Her Way Through Asia


A self shot of Sketchpacker Zoe Osborne

If you ever walk into one of Ho Chi Minh City’s many streetside cafés and see a girl sketching a face or a place, you may just have run across the Sketchpacker! She’s garnered a name for herself in the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, sketching and painting henna, all the while surviving on… Read More >>