My Top Cheap Accommodations in Southeast Asia — Part 2


Picture of a silver ball with a reflection of the cheap accommodations in southeast Asia. The buildings are narrow, tall, and very colorful.

Long stretches of beaches under a radiant sun, mountain and jungle trekking in search for adventure and fun–what else could visitors to southeast Asia possibly want? Well, for one, some real cheap and decent places to stay! I listed a bunch of my top cheap accommodations in southeast Asia in my previous post, focusing mostly… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in Nepal?


A beautiful photo of two buildings. The small gap between them reveals the sprawling city of Kathmandu, Nepal in the distance. This is the cover photo of the article: Cost of Living in Nepal

I first became interested in Nepal when I learned that it topped this year’s backpacker index list as the #1 most affordable country for budget travelers. Many Asian cities flaunt the cheap price of their food or goods, but absolutely none come close to the cheap cost of living in Nepal. After spending a month… Read More >>