7 Top Ways To Blow Money in Southeast Asia


No matter how much inflation hurts prices in Southeast Asia, the area steadfastly remains one of the cheapest expat destinations in the world. Even as rents in larger cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City swell, those in neighboring towns–even nearby neighborhood–remain affordable. You’ll always find ways to save money, but you’ll also find an… Read More >>

Jakarta: One Day You’ll Smile


Main Highway in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia. There are care and motorcycles, and a vintage, old look to the picture.

The other day, I was browsing through old photos of mine, and I came upon a collection from my visit to Jakarta years ago. The photos were mostly over-exposed and poorly-taken. They were shot pre-Saudi Arabia, where I eventually picked up a Nikon 7100 and took some online photography courses. But there’s something about their rawness that appealed to… Read More >>

What Is The Cost Of Living In Indonesia?


This beautiful Indonesian white sand beach in Bali can be enjoyed while on a very low cost of living in Indonesia

With its archipelago of over 17,000 islands and a coastal scenery that’s nothing short of riveting, it’s no wonder Indonesia has become the home to so many foreigners. The cost of living in Indonesia is also one of the lowest in southeast Asia, but it does boast some of the most expensive hotels worldwide. Hence,… Read More >>