What Is The Cost Of Living In India?

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Many people born in the West are immigrating to India. Interestingly enough, a huge majority are those born to parents who had left India for other countries, but who are now returning “home”. The reasons are simple: India’s economy is growing at a rate faster than that of the UK or the USA, and there… Read More >>

Living in Surat: India’s Diamond in the Rough

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A panoramic photo of Surat, India. Rachna Circle in the foreground, and the old, dusty city in the background. Streets are congested with motorcycle traffic.

The Western port town of Surat is one of India’s lesser-known travel destinations, making it the ideal choice for savvy adventurers looking for an authentic Indian experience away from hordes of tourists. And for those wanting to revert to an old-world charm for a while, living in Surat is not one to disappoint. Surat served… Read More >>

Find Winter Romance in Mumbai


One of the largest cities in the world, Mubai is also one of the most unexpectedly romantic. Skip the monsoon season and head to Mumbai during the more inviting winter months of November through February. With a population over 21 million, this coastal metropolis guarantees at least one star-crossed encounter with your own personal Rati–Love… Read More >>