Living in Cambodia: Pros and Cons

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You can experience beautiful islands like this one, Koh Rong, when living in Cambodia. Long tail boats are docked along the beach; backdrop of lush forestry.

Ever since Thailand has started getting tough on visas, more and more expats have considered living in Cambodia. The convenience is definitely there: Cambodia is an earshot away from Thailand, so you can easily visit your old stomping grounds in Bangkok or elsewhere. There is also a certain romantic appeal to the kingdom; Cambodia is rapidly… Read More >>

7 Top Ways To Blow Money in Southeast Asia


No matter how much inflation hurts prices in Southeast Asia, the area steadfastly remains one of the cheapest expat destinations in the world. Even as rents in larger cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City swell, those in neighboring towns–even nearby neighborhood–remain affordable. You’ll always find ways to save money, but you’ll also find an… Read More >>

My Top Cheap Accommodations in Southeast Asia — Part 2


Picture of a silver ball with a reflection of the cheap accommodations in southeast Asia. The buildings are narrow, tall, and very colorful.

Long stretches of beaches under a radiant sun, mountain and jungle trekking in search for adventure and fun–what else could visitors to southeast Asia possibly want? Well, for one, some real cheap and decent places to stay! I listed a bunch of my top cheap accommodations in southeast Asia in my previous post, focusing mostly… Read More >>

What is the Cost of Living in Cambodia?


View from the sea on a city beach of Sihanoukville. The cost of living in Cambodia in this sleepy town is very cheap, many retireers enjoy the blue-green waters seen here.

Cambodia is a very poor country, which would make you think it’d be really, really cheap. Unfortunately that’s not always the case and it can be very misleading, especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget. The cost of living in Cambodia is driven higher by the lack of market controls. For example, there isn’t… Read More >>

A Month in Kratie, Cambodia


Traditional boat in sunset time at Mekong River, near Kratie, Cambodia

Before beginning a banking assignment in Chuang Hua, Taiwan, I spent a month exploring the Mekong River Delta with the tiny village of Kratie, Cambodia as my home base. While it’s technically the capital of the entire region, Kratie is home to just 13,000 residents. During the off-season, when backpackers trade dolphin-watching for the more… Read More >>