Can I Live In Thailand On A Tourist Visa?


Thai tourist visa stamp in a passport.

Many expats in Thailand fear the ever-changing tourist visa rules and the narrowing corridor of long-term stay in the kingdom. I’ll firstly say that this article is mostly an opinion piece, but it is also based on my experience and those of close friends who have had similar experiences. I have lived here for nearly two… Read More >>

What’s Expat Life in Chiang Mai Like?


Bustling expat life in Chiang Mai's walking street. It is packed with tourists and expats alike shopping for goods.

“You’re still in Thailand?” is a question I get asked all the time when I go back home to visit friends and family. Most don’t realize how long I’ve been an expat abroad–and the next questions invariably center around expat life in Chiang Mai and what living in the North of Thailand is like. Pointblank: I… Read More >>

7 Top Ways To Blow Money in Southeast Asia


No matter how much inflation hurts prices in Southeast Asia, the area steadfastly remains one of the cheapest expat destinations in the world. Even as rents in larger cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City swell, those in neighboring towns–even nearby neighborhood–remain affordable. You’ll always find ways to save money, but you’ll also find an… Read More >>

What Is The Cost of Living in Pattaya?


Pattaya Beach Road during the day time. Palm trees line the road and the beach runs parallel.

After three months of hard work, I decided to reward myself and took my girlfriend with me to Pattaya for a week’s vacation. Over the years, Pattaya has been a choice getaway because it’s both easy to get to, and cheap. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, the cost of living in Pattaya… Read More >>

Awesome Workshops to Try in Vietnam


Students in a cooking class and workshop during a vacation in Vietnam. They are all wearing red aprons and holding their finished dishes up.

To be honest – few of us would consider putting a class or workshop on our to-do list during a holiday. But… travel is an exercise in life-learning and learning a few new things on the road is never superfluous. Classes and workshops provide us with unique opportunities to learn from the real experts: the… Read More >>

A Little Update On Life in Chiang Mai

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I used to have so much time to blog back during my first year in Chiang Mai, but lately time seems to have become so scarce. The last couple of months, especially, have been hectic. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in my days. What’s been keeping me so busy? Well, I’ve been working on my… Read More >>