My Visit to Kenya, Africa: Jambo & Goodbye

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Slums of Kibera during my visit to Kenya, Africa.

I remember the safari during my visit to Kenya, Africa. I remember the raw land;  a wild countryside where long, oval masks painted in tribal colors hung on the village and lodge walls; where wooden elephant heads stared at me from the nooks of shops and restaurants; where the sense of unbridled wilderness pervaded the… Read More >>

Bakau, Gambia: An Unlikely Romantic Destination


A romantic beach in Bakau, The Gambia. The vegetation and trees look tropical and lush, the beach deserted save for a few African locals playing in the water.

At first, I must admit, I thought visiting Bakau, Gambia was only for the fool-hardy. Crocodile pools, warring neighbors and inhospitable swamps might seem an unlikely destination for a romantic vacation, but then the township of Bakau in The Gambia is an unusual place. It sits at the mouth of the Gambia River, where the… Read More >>

Visiting Mauritius: A Romance In The Indian Ocean


Visiting Mauritius's beautiful coastline and beaches at sunset. The water is golden in the twilight and the palm trees and hills shadowy.

Visiting Mauritius is an unparalleled adventure in romance for lovers and honeymooners. It’s one of those places you’ll keep immortalized in picture albums, a place that’s flirted with the prose of many famous writers. Flipping through travel magazines back home, couples are quick to opt for deals on nearby island destinations. But the stifling smell of advertising and promotions… Read More >>

Love in the Library of Alexandria


Feeling like King Tutankhamun, I headed toward the new Library of Alexandria in Egypt. At one time, this was the place where the largest number of ancient manuscripts were preserved and protected, and where they all were tragically lost over years of conquest by the Romans and the Arabs. In my bag was a picture… Read More >>

A Kiss is Still a Kiss in Casablanca


An abundance of Turkish baths, delectable dishes that can only be eaten with one’s fingers, and scantily-clad locals purring to each other in French. Could Casablanca be any more romantic if it tried? Unlike Paris, where aimless wandering along tree-lined boulevards can conjure more romance than 10,000 Valentine’s Days, Casablanca demands would-be lovebirds stick to… Read More >>

Maralal International Camel Derby


A camel at the Maralal International Camel Derby

You’ve arrived at the Maralal International Camel Derby. Hop a hump. Bring sugar lumps. It’s camel racing time. Reluctant and awkward at the starting line. Humps itching and twitching in time. The horn is honked, a rag lifted up. Loping and moping, they shuffle for the cup. The Maralal International Camel Derby is held in… Read More >>