Banker’s Rant

Why Don’t US Banks Like American Expats?


Traveling abroad is an unparalleled experienced, but if you choose to live abroad long-term it’s best you know US banks don’t like American expats. They fear the repercussions of dealing with customers who remain abroad long-term as it exposes them to many unknowns and the prospect of terrorism financing. I can’t emphasize how laws like the… Read More >>

5 Ways Banks Weakened the Modern Day Consumer


A collage of money, banks, and a faded city in the background.

Believe what they may, the modern day consumer is far from strong and empowered. Banks have considerably weakened us in all aspects of our financial lives, from privacy to choice. Having traveled and worked abroad, I can tell you first-hand I’ve also been on the brunt end of some pretty terrible U.S. banking experiences. There is… Read More >>

You Owe It To You.


Silhouette of a backpacker taking the picture of a sunset over the ocean.

So, I’m sitting at the airport coffee shop and I’m browsing travel blogs. Most of them have a common vein. Something about someone quitting a job, which they hated, and now they’re traveling the world. Judging by their bios, you’d think the rest of the world were slaving away in shackles somewhere in a hard labor camp in… Read More >>

How I Got Deported From Saudi Arabia


Banker in the Sun in handcuffs getting deported from Saudi Arabia

I’d read stories about expats being deported from countries for a number reasons, from tweeting inappropriate messages, to committing crimes. But I’d never read a story about a man being mistakenly deported from his own country. So I figured I would share my personal experience about how I got deported from Saudi Arabia–my own country…. Read More >>

How to Increase Blog Traffic to 150+ Visitors per Day (in Two Months or less!)


A man sitting on the grass with his laptop. Cover image for the article: How to increase blog traffic to 150+ visitors per day.

I’ve received quite a few emails lately from fellow travel bloggers asking how many visitors my site receives each day, whether or not I advertise, and what my marketing strategy is. The numerous ways to increase blog traffic are truly puzzling, there are so many mistakes one can make. I’m not a secretive guy, so… Read More >>

Escape Big Brother by Moving Abroad


A big eyeball watching you. Theme picture of the post: Escape Big Brother by Moving Abroad

I’ll never forget the feeling of my privacy being invaded without my permission. That is to say, the first time I knew it was happening.  As you may know, it took being held up at gunpoint to make me seriously consider moving abroad. Before that, I had become more and more aware of government invasions… Read More >>