5 Reasons You Should Move To Saudi Arabia

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A downtown photo of King Fahd road in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The highway and buildings look quite modern and the KingDom Tower can be seen in the background.

At first, most people would probably laugh at the idea of relocating to an ultra-religious kingdom, but these 5 reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia will give you food for thought. Everything in life has a give and take. I’ve noticed the more a “paradise” a place is considered to be, the higher the cost, somehow. This could just be a high cost of living, or just cheap wages that make living there prohibitively expensive. Take Thailand for example: you have tons of teachers who want to move there, but the salaries compared to even neighboring Vietnam are abysmal.

Not enough people seriously consider the positive reasons to move to Saudi Arabia.

Most just go by the impression which the media creates or read up on forums with negative outlooks on the kingdom. I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for three years. Granted, it was a shock at first, but it radically changed my life. It made my being a digital nomad possible. It made moving to Chiang Mai in Thailand possible.

It opened up a world of possibilities.

How, you ask?

Saudi Arabia taught me a core discipline–being able to survive radically different cultures. Being able to adapt to even the harshest environments. Not to mention, being able to save tons of money. Everything after Saudi has been a breeze.

An Nafoud desert in Saudi Arabia. It looks beautiful and endless, with a fine haze in the air during sunset. Seeing it is one of the reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying Saudi Arabia is a harsh place. It isn’t Star War’s tattooine. It isn’t some place that will turn you into a miserable wreck. Quite on the contrary, you’ll make tons of friends and enjoy a luxurious way of life you may not have enjoyed back home.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider moving to Saudi Arabia today:

1.  An Easy Transition To A Better Life

Most people living back home have a real hard time leaving their jobs. Some of these fears are ingrained in the perception they’re “leaving a secure job” behind, even if they’re in a rut, or sacrificing too much to leave their comfort zone. When you consider the reasons why you should move to Saudi Arabia, this is a n0-brainer. You are actually gaining more security by moving to there. You can get a far better job there. I landed a job I could only dream of getting in the US. You can also stay in touch with friends and family using the kingdoms A+ internet service. This is an easy transition into a better life.

2. You’ll Be Well-Traveled

Anyone who’s lived in that part of the world has traveled extensively. They have visited places in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Saudi Arabia is so well-located you can get to France in a few hours.

The old quarters of the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The buildings look very old, simple, and weathered.

You’ll add a wonderful world of colors to your life and a gain a heck of a lot more culture there than you would staying entombed in your comfort zone. People and businesses across the world will appreciate your new-found wisdom.

3. You’ll Make New Friends

Saudis are a very friendly people, so are all the expats living there. One of the reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia are the friends you’ll be making. Many a times, these new friends will be well-connected. You’ll find that numerous opportunities arise, whether they be career or social opportunities. It’s such a great feeling knowing you have friends from all over world. There’s really no feeling like it–and who knows where those connections will take you.

4. You’ll Experience Things Others Never Will

Do you know what it’s like living in Saudi Arabia? No, I mean, really. Do you? Even if you hear stories from people–do you believe them? Have they been there? Do you know what surprises await you? What adventure has in store for you? There is nothing that could have prepared me for my experiences in Saudi Arabia.

A panoramic cityscape of Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia. A fine haze hangs over the city during twilight. The buildings looks simple, yet modern.

It was one of the best times of my life. My foresight became laser-focused on what I really yearned for out of life. There’s just something about the kingdom that is wholesome in a very old-fashioned way. You’ll come out very changed.

5. Your Bank Account Will Thank You

When I hear about people going to Thailand to teach English vs. Saudi Arabia, I’m left scratching my head in confusion. Okay, so you’re willing to go to Thailand and teach for $1,000 a month, instead of teaching in Saudi and netting $4-5,000 a month? Some of the salaries out there are very low–even in the US–and making a decent salary doesn’t mean you’re not inclined to spend it all. You won’t have this same inclination in Saudi Arabia. No bars, no alcohol, no crazy things to spend money on really keeps you in check. Yes, yes–I know. You’re sacrificing freedom–but can’t you do that for one year? There are great jobs to be had, if teaching is your thing.

The Faisaliah tower rising from behind an exotic building and garden in the foreground. The structures look clean and very modern, with palm trees to the side.

In the above example, the teacher in Bangkok will still be broke a year later, if not for the low salary, then what they’ll be spending their salary on. The teacher in Saudi Arabia, however, will come out with $25,000+ in savings and can then teach in Thailand knowing they have money saved up!

There are plenty more reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia–and this post isn’t meant to be about the money–it’s about the person you will become. You will vastly widen your horizons, make tons of new friends, find great opportunities in life, and be all the more financially-stable for it.

One of the reasons you should move to Saudi Arabia is you’ll lay the old you to rest.

You’ll walk in a new person’s shoes.

A person willing to take chances,

A person who’ll claim the rewards for those chances.

Have you ever moved to Saudi Arabia? What was your primary reason for moving to Saudi Arabia?

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12 comments on “5 Reasons You Should Move To Saudi Arabia

  1. Absolutely great website! Couple of questions at this stage, how difficult is it to buy books? Do they have large well stocked bookstores like a Waterstones/Borders OR how easy or difficult is it to buy get books wired to one’s Amazon Kindle while in Saudi, i wonder if this would even work there?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Sal 🙂 Books are easy to find at Jarir Bookstores, which is like a Borders. All Kindle and iBook purchases work, so you can download books anytime. I downloaded a ton.

  2. This is a very helpful and interesting article. Ever since, it is one of my dreams to teach in a foreign country and KSA has been on top of my choices. I just have a question: How can I get a decent teaching job there? What are the qualifications? I’m an English teacher from the Philippines, had a one year experience and now I’m planning to apply for a teaching position in Saudi. Could you please share some tips or insights how to be hired as an English teacher in KSA? So that I can prepare beforehand. Thank you. Hope may queries can be answered 🙂

    1. Hi Ricardo, I would apply through Dave’s ESL Cafe on the web. It’s arguably harder to get a job teaching English in Saudi as a non-native speaker (if English is what you are referring to). You’ll need to apply through MANY recruiters–play the numbers–or better yet, move to Saudi through a recruiter in another field, like the service industry. Then apply for teaching jobs once you’re in the kingdom. It’ll be a lot easier that way.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit the middle east, and working in Saudi Arabia sounds like a promising option. I’m wondering if you could give me any direction on looking for jobs. I have a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, but my work experience is all either on the family farm or as part of a small construction business, and I have no teaching experience. Would I be best off to pursue some sort of teaching certification, or are there other work options I should explore?

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hi Allen, that really all depends on what you want to do, but teaching at first is probably an easier “in”. You’ll definitely need to apply to many, many schools. Don’t settle on only 5-10 apps.

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