3 Reasons to Skip the Job Search

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Businessman gazing at a distant city skyline during a sunset. He seems to pondering the reasons to skip the job search.

Go online and look for articles and blogs that offer advice about job hunting and you’ll see something extremely interesting. What is it? You will find that all of the employment experts are pushing people towards a very specific path, and it most certainly isn’t the path towards adventure, excitement, or even job satisfaction. I’m so glad I decided to skip the job search when I did and instead chose to travel the world. Making money on the road became part of the self-discovery process, a process which many job experts seem to mute.

Consider that the typical “job search” tells you to look for full time employment

in a place that you live, or in a place that you might be willing to relocate to for the work, but rarely suggests nomadic or traveling forms of employment. You don’t even have to quit your job, as this interviewee shows.

One of the reasons to skip your job search is to see this Hong Kong and Kowloon skyline on a foggy night. It looks grand, colorful, with tons of skyscrapers and apartments. The bay separates Hong Kong and Kowloon.
One of the reasons to skip your job search is to have the opportunity to see the skyline of foreign metropolises like Hong Kong. Plenty of expats, from teachers to professionals, have found better jobs there.

The other suggestions for a job search include a lot of guidance that could easily fall under the heading of “settling”. For instance, rather than looking out for your own priorities or wishes, you are told to consider only the practical, the feasible, and the things that will fit with your previous job experiences.

Basically, the great engine known as the status quo makes us live to work, not work to live.

This all adds up to many reasons to forgo the typical job search.

However, my three key reasons to skip the job search and steer people away from this old-fashioned path are:

It is THEIR way and not YOURS

Most of us are told that the only way to land a good job is through the creation of an impressive resume and a lot of previous experience. This negates any creativity on your part and effectively blocks you from heading out into the world to make your own way or your own path.

A black and white photo of a cyclos driver in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. He is leaning on his cyclo, smoking a cigarette, looking at the camera.
I never would have seen the beauty of Vietnam had I not taken the “big step”–quitting a lucrative banking career.

Skip the job search and indulge in a more rewarding way of life, one where you can enjoy adventure and actually live some of the stories you once read.


Not only is the typical job search defined and limited by geographic parameters (After all, one of the first questions you might find yourself answering is “How far are you willing to commute?”), but limited in overall scope. When you are doing a formal job search it never really goes outside of the specific search terms.

Just think how many options that eliminates. You type in the skills you have, and a cold or sterile computer system spews out your future? Not such a good plan for anyone who really wants to shape their own path.


A standard job search assumes that you want to work in the same industry and follow that standard “ladder” of success. Though you may be ready and willing to climb your way towards the top of your game or industry, why assume that the same straight path is the only way to go? How many ladders curve and bend?

A Pattaya baht bus, or songtaew, with a defocused blurred background as it races past with its passengers in the back.
If life blurs past us, I’d rather it blur all over the world rather than in an office.

Don’t assume anything about yourself, and definitely don’t let a job search lock you into a specific route for the indefinite future. Better yet, let these professionals inspire you skip the job search in favor of travel. Still don’t know where to begin? Check out these great resources to help get you started on the right path.

You are in control of your future and what you decide to do with your time. A standard job search takes away a lot of your authority and steers you towards a very limited path. Just skip your job search and reconsider all of the options, including working from almost anywhere in the world.

If you haven’t already, would you consider taking your skills on the road? Are there other reasons that would compel you to skip the job search?


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2 comments on “3 Reasons to Skip the Job Search

  1. And let’s not forget that while some of your skills might be looked down in your own country they may be extremely valued somewhere else in the world. Without going all ‘complot theory’ I agree with Rashad that society tends to force people in a mold and kill any uniqueness out of us and this is unnatural: everyone has been created in a totally unique way there are no 2 people who are the same (not even twins) so why should we believe there is a ‘one-way-fit-all’ path for life and work! Travel or not travel it’s your choice but never let people and even less computers decide your life choices for you or you”ll look back on your life one day with nothing but regrets..
    jameela deen recently posted…ESL salary in Saudi ArabiaMy Profile

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jameela! I know job advisors are just doing their jobs, but these can oftentimes be self-serving more than anything, especially when commission is involved.

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